Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September '13 Book Haul!

Hi guys! This is my September 2013 Book Haul. This is my first book haul post in this blog, so... yeah, I'm kind of not very sure what to say, so bear with me. And I made it in a hurry because I just didn't notice it's October already! I suppose post things like this exactly in the end of the month, oh well. Actually that's my excuse for bad qualities photos of my books *grin*. You know, there's no sun because I realized it too late, that I want to post my first book haul in the end of the month and I should have taken the picture before the sun goes down. So I just did the shots on my desk, with my over exposure desk lamp... and I have to major-edited it you probably will see it weird. Gosh, I'm talking too much crap. Here's my September 2013 Book Haul!

I found these four at Periplus at their bargain section. I love bargain section! I always feel challenged like if I could pick good books with cheap price, I will be the luckiest girl ever.... Books should be cheap you know. So, more people can buy and read books. We want to fight illiteracy, start with lowering the book price! (oh yeah!) Books in the picture are Black Glass by Meg Mundell, Even Silence Has an End by Ingrid Betancourt, Blink & Caution by Tim Wynne-Jones, and Emerald City and Other Stories by Jennifer Egan. So far I only have read Egan's book, you can check my review in English here, or here for review in Indonesian.

These five guys are the result of my lack of self control when facing book sale. Rumah Buku, a book store near my house, was celebrating their 4th anniversary by discounting tons of books. And these are the lucky chosen books to be joined my awesome other books (haha!). They are 100 Tokoh yang Mengubah Indonesia by... no writer's name on it. That's weird. I just realized it now. Vendetta by Steve Shagan, More About Nothing by Wimar Witoelar, George's Cosmic Treasure Hunt by Lucy & Stephen Hawking (review in English here, Indonesian here), and Satin Merah by Brahmanto Anindito & Rie Yanti (review in English here, Indonesian here). Yeah, so far I just have read two of them. They are good!

These gorgeous two are from Roro, fellow from Blogger Buku Indonesia (BBI). We did the bookswap thing. Thank you so much Roro for these books! You're so kind giving me two instead of one. Bless you, girl! These are Delirium by Lauren Oliver and The Maze Runner by James Dashner. I'm currently reading The Maze Runner, so far so good, wait my review for it!

And finally, the last book I bought in September, Inferno by Dan Brown! My review in English here, in Indonesian here. It's practically the ONLY book I really eager to buy in September. The other books before are bought because I came across with chances to get them with lower prices.

I don't know if I should feel ashamed or giddy for having TWELVE new books in September. Well, two are bookswap result, so I actually just spent money for ten books... Oh man, I should self-controlled myself stricter.


  1. "I love bargain section! I always feel challenged like if I could pick good books with cheap price, I will be the luckiest girl ever.... Books should be cheap you know."

    I know exactly how it feels. Getting books with cheaper price (like, tons of discount) always makes me feel waaaay much better!!! X))


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