Thursday, October 31, 2013

October '13 Book Haul!

Hello hello! It's the end of October already and it's time for BOOK HAUL! Cheers! Right, I don't know why I'm so excited, I supposed to be shameful because I kind of lost my self-control in buying books this month. Seriously, my best friend was totally intended to eat my brain because I keep saying to him I'd cut my books expenses and restrain myself more. If only he's in the same island as me now, you guys won't see this article because he must have been exiled me for good! But, I'm alive and well, let's continue! Mouahahahaha...

I bought these five books from Rumah Buku, bookstore near my house. It's so near and I feel it's not fair. That bookstore always lures me in! Well, about the books. I'm in the mood for Indonesian author lately, but I'm not sure to trust my reading time in Indonesian fiction yet (note: I'm not anti or anything, just always not in the mood for it. Make sense?), so instead I bought non-fictions.

The first picture shows you two journalistic books. Pengakuan Algojo 1965 by Kurniawan et al that I already read when it's first published as a main story for last year Tempo. I really appreciate the article because it tells so much gut-wrenching stories yet eye-opening. Reading the article for the first time left me speechless. So, when I saw it in book form, I grabbed it immediately and ran to the cashier like a maniac. The second book is Ibu Pertiwi Memanggilmu Pulang by Pepih Nugraha. I attended Kang Pepih's journalistic workshop some years ago and always like what he shares in his Facebook account, so I thought I'd give his book a try.

The second picture, well, I don't know what happened to me that day. I guess my creative side demanded some vitamin or something. So there you go, I thoughtlessly bought Generasi 90an by Marchella FP, Sila Ke-6: Kreatif Sampai Mati by Wahyu Aditya, and 101 Creative Notes by Yoris Sebastian (reviewed it in Indonesian and English).

Got these from Periplus' bargain section. I have been eying Girl, Stolen by April Henry since last month so I didn't hesitate to buy it. But, it's just not right if I buy only one book if it comes to online-shopping. It doesn't feel right. So I picked Home by Toni Morrison. I like her The Bluest Eyes. My lecturer in uni praised Toni so much.

A fellow bookblogger, Tammy, apparently selling some of her books and I JUST HAD TO BUY THESE when I saw her list. Uglies by Scott Westerfeld and Pretties by the same author. I actually don't know much about these books but I have this strange feeling that they must be awesome (hopefully). Since I read the review of the first book years ago, I always had in mind to buy the book in next opportunity. But I never find them anywhere. These are the two first books. I really hope I can find the other two last books. Yes, I know its publisher has closed down, ugh. And I also know, they haven't publish the fourth book in Indonesian before closing down, double ugh!

After spending such amount of money carelessly, and getting screamed at by my best friend, I really tried to not buying books for awhile. And I really cut my expenses too in some needs (like food, cloths, etc). But, I saw this book, Don't Tell by Karen Rose in a flea market. I never read Dastan (its publisher) books before, simply because it never interests me enough. But this book is sold with cheap price and I kind of curious with it, so, you know the rest.

I got two free books this month, YAY! Beautiful Nightmares by Farrahnanda (reviewed it in Indonesian) thanks to Mas Dion, and Nothing Left to Lose by Kirsty Moseley. I tell you this, I. Am. So. Excited. Nothing Left to Lose (NLTL) is being published in next November 5th. Why I have it already? Because Kirsty very kindly sent me (and other few bloggers) the e-book ARC of NLTL. Yipeeey! I'm participating for her publication blitz for NLTL in November 5th. I suppose to publish my review in that exact date. Currently reading it, wait for the review next week!

That's it. My October book haul is not very awesome. But you're awesome because you're reading my rambling up until this point! LOL.

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