3 Reasons to Bookblog

My first and major reason why I started bookblogging is, very selfish actually, so I don't just forget things, in this case, books I've read. I don't know about you guys, but I intend to forget minor details AND major details from books I've read. Let say, I love Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Trilogy (I do!), I love it so MUCH it's unhealthy. But, if you ask me something general like, what Bourne does in the second book? Why even after his identity revealed there's still threat to him? Where he ends up in the end of the story? I. Don't. Freaking. Remember. It's sad because I got VERY euphoric after reading those awesome pieces, and now, I remember none except that euphoric feeling.

I don't know when I'll be re-read those books because I'm not a reader who does that. I don't re-read books, perhaps once or twice or thrice. Okay, the chance is big enough, but there are GAZILLION books out there and I don't want to waste time re-read when I can explore new things (who am I kidding, really? I do re-read, guys). So, I started bookblogging to help myself sharpen my brain capacity in remembering books I've read. Maybe you're wondering, how this is helpful when what I write here is my own opinion about book, not exactly the story's chronology which actually can help me to remember? Because, I figured out that my blog will be for everyone eyes in the world and I don't do spoilers. Why didn't make it private or something? Well, it will be lovely to hear feedback from you guys! So, I keep it public and spoiler free. But, what about 'reviewing for remembering' thing? Yeaaa, this will do for now (I guess... hope so... oh well).

Second reason is, I desperately want to polish my writing skill again. I know what I'm writing in this blog is not some advanced writing or serious or whatever suave, but at least I write. I write as proved I've been here in this world (melancholy much?). I have been in a campus press for 3,5 years when I was in a university. I learned a lot there, including writing skills. I have experienced parts of life when I had skills but I let it vanished because I didn't use them, and I don't want that happened to my humble writing skill!

There's this time in my life when my drawing is prettier than anyone in my class (back in my elementary days) and I dreamed to be an artist one day. I never polished it, so my drawing skill is gone. Then, there's this time in my life when I spent my whole soul to sing in a choir. It really demanded EVERY thing, you know, time, energy, money, social life (I lacked of friends in high school because I couldn't balanced between my high school life with my choir activity). But I loved it and enjoyed it, but someday I just thought I had enough, so I quit. You probably think I can sing properly after involved in that professional choir (I even had a chance to participate in World Choir Games 4th which was epic!), well, truth is, I can't. I don't say I'm a horrible singer (or maybe I am), but it really is not what you should expected from an ex-choir kid. I never polished it, so it's just gone, with the wind... And 3,5 years of hard working in a campus press will not be in vain! I want to cherish my skill by practicing it as regularly as I can.

Okay, those two are my selfish reasons, but I do have one reason that is unselfish, I guess. The third reason why I started bookblogging is, to provide you, reader, information about books you should read without giving away TOO much about it. This bookblog idea came up to me when I always had a hard time in picking which books should I buy or shouldn't. I'm picky because I don't want to waste my money and time for a 'less interesting' book. Sometimes, by reading the back cover is just not enough. And I don't bother to look the review about books in internet because, man, spoilers everywhere! I don't like to know how the story starts, goes, and ends without me even read it a page! People! Please! So, I hope this blog will help you to decide, should you buy it or ignore it.

Anywaaay, so far I'm feeling wonderful by bookblogging so I'm just keeping this going!

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