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About the blog,
Page by Page is a bookblog that I created in September 4th 2013, for these following reasons. Page by Page is a term I used to say repeatedly to myself when I read a book. If it's a great book, I'd say it to hold myself from jumping to the last page and peek the ending, you know, because when I read a really great book I become giddy and just can't wait to see how everything's revealed. And if it's a not-that-great book, I'd say it to push myself to finish the book. I don't like leaving my book half-read, but sometimes it happened because they're just really unbearable, and I don't want to waste my time too.

I post mainly book reviews (in Indonesian and in English), some other days I post bookish quotes that I really really like. I don't (or haven't) limit my books and reviews in specific genre because I really read almost all kind of book genre. But I do have my favorites, like THRILLER, FANTASY, and MYSTERY. Then again, I don't always read those genre, as you can see from the Genre shelf on the right sidebar. You'll find some totally random books in this blog.

If you want to check books I've reviewed so far, you can go to the References. I hope that's helpful enough. Or you can always use the search box tools on the top right sidebar.

About me,
My name is Sandra Cattelya, I came from the 90's era. I'm an Indonesian. My father is Bataknese (a tribe from Sumatra island) and mother was Manadonese (a tribe from Sulawesi island). I appreciate my sleeping time and dog-walking time. I watch YouTube almost religiously. I procrastinate by binge-watch TV series. I like my personal space so much, so don't stand too close if you meet me or I'll slap your eyes. My love-life is summed up in this beautiful creature called Happy Cattelya, my dog. I'm a slow reader and even a slower writer. I'm also a moody person, so bear with me.

Things I like (book-related): strolling aimlessly in book store, book sale, happy-ending story, sniffing the smell of new books, reading different genre from the last book I finished, spending money on books rather than other things.

If you find me as a rude sarcastic woman, no no, I'm actually very sweet and friendly. You are very welcome to leave comments on my posts so we can communicate and exchange book thoughts. Trust me, I'll be in my best behavior ;)

Contact me,
You can contact me via e-mail, sandracattelya@gmail.com. People tend to make mistake in typing my middle name. It's C-A-double T-E-L-Y-A. So, make sure you type it correctly. Or, you can find me on my several (anti)social medias.
Here's a picture of me reading, just in case you're curious.

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