Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Object of Possession

This is A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book by the awesome duo Elsie Larson & Emma Chapman. What? You don't know them? Then you MUST visit their awesome blog, A Beautiful Mess (ABM) at! Like, right now. Go. What are you doing still reading my pointless rant? (well, not really pointless though, lol)

Although I don't read their blog every single day (they're extremely productive, it's kinda hard to catch all their posts up), but every time I visit their blog I ALWAYS get inspiration and warm feeling and little happiness and awesome tips and bunch of creative ideas and positive wave and excitement and really you're not satisfied yet with all of those? A must-follow blog. Period.

And this book, is my recent object of possession. I WANT IT. Like, REALLY SUPER-DUPER WANT IT. It's been published since August 2013. I saw the sneak peek of it here, and I was in love instantly. It seems perfect for amateur photographer or just for everyday people who like taking photos. So warm and lovely like all their blog articles. I'm a sucker for printed books, so yeah I want it physically. And I always want a coffee table book that I can actually enjoy and read.

But, I couldn't get my hands on it yet because I'm too poor for this book. LOL. Serious though, this book is expensive for me and I just can't afford it now. Anyone want to be the coolest person ever on Earth and buy me this book? I promise to be the nicest girl who always says nicest things ever if anyone buy me this! Hey, a girl can wish.

Nice like this.
Oh! I almost forgot. I'm doing a challenge offered by Elsie on ABM. It simply challenges ABM reader or whoever interested, to set four simple goals before 2014. Elsie challenges us to make activity oriented goals rather than result oriented goals. See the 'rules' here.

These are my four simple goals, and since this is a book blog, I'm going to update my progress on my Tumblr ( Let's do this!


  1. Jadi ini apa ya? pictorial book berisikan postingan blognya? beautiful mess itu emang menarik

    1. Ini yang isinya gak ada di blog mbak. Tapi tentang fotografi aja. Blog mereka kan isinya lebih beragam. Coba liat page photography di blog mereka, mungkin sperti itu gambaran isi bukunya.

      Atau ke link ini untuk tau semua hal berkaitan buku ini,


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