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Nothing Left to Lose – Kirsty Moseley + Author Interview + INT Giveaway! *CLOSED*

Moseley, Kirsty. 2013. Nothing Left to Lose. Self-published.
Rating 4 stars.

Nothing Left To Lose

I’m participating in Release Day Blitz for Nothing Left to Lose by Kirsty Moseley which is TODAY! Yay! November 5th, finally you’re here! I received the e-book ARC for participating, thanks Kirsty.

So, guys. This will be slightly different than my other review, because my other review doesn’t usually contain Author Interview or International Giveaway! I am so excited I think I’ll combust in any seconds! Without further ado, let’s see my two cents about this book (I know you’ll skip my review and just jump to the rafflecopter giveaway! Meanie!).

My Review.
What can I say? I. LOVE. ASHTON. TAYLOR! Sorry, need to get that out from my system first.

Warning: This novel contains explicit sex scene, sexual violence, abusive and very very BAD people. Some of you may find it disturbing. Know what to expect before reading the book.

Nothing Left to Lose (NLTL) tells a story about Anna Spencer, a girl who had through A LOT in her teen’s life and how she actually copes and finally moves on. I actually felt kind of hard to read all the gory descriptions about what happened to her in the book. Wait, not kind of, it was plain hard. It made me able to justify whatever bitchiness she throws at people. The author made me understand Anna’s agony almost completely, because no, I never even near to ever experience those kinds of things in my life, thank God. Surely this book makes me more aware (and suspicious) to strangers who dare to look at me wrong.

This had to be a dream; the worst dream I’d ever had in my life. I needed to wake up, I couldn’t take this. -Anna

And there’s this scorching hot S.W.A.T guy who I’m very positive every girl will be DYING to have him in her romantic life. Ashton Taylor, girls, don’t forget the name. He is sooooo purrrfect it’s impossible this world have a guy like him. Well, that’s kind of a downer. Anywaaay, Ashton is signed up as Anna’s bodyguard due to continuous threats towards Anna’s safety (Anna is the expectant president’s daughter, so, yeah.). Because of all the bad things happened to Anna in the past, this girl practically shuts every single people out from her. She couldn’t handle physical touch from anybody, always anxious in meeting new people, and does self-harm when she’s panic. She’s a mess, but our perfect guy Ashton will change her to the better. And that’s this novel fulls about I guess, the process of a guy who tries to fix a broken girl.

As soon as I laid eyes on her, I knew I was in trouble. She looked so incredibly vulnerable. Her eyes were cold and distant and held a pain that I couldn’t bear to think about.-Ashton

I’m trying hard to be as objective as I can in reviewing this. I don’t know, I might failed myself. I already read it a couple times when Kirsty put it in Wattpad and always love this story since then. This published edition surely had through revisions here and there, and I found this novel is just great as ever. If anything, I do kind of bored when Ashton praises Anna’s perfect figure over and over and over and over. Anna does that too to Ashton. Now my head fulls of words like ‘scorching’ (I even already used it in this review, see the first line in previous paragraph), ‘hot’ (idem), ‘stunning’, ‘sexy’, ‘mouth-watering’, and ‘pantie-moistener’ (well, the last one is just mentioned once, but once is enough to make me giggling to myself and it just stuck in my head). And one more thing, I don’t know why I felt this way, I know myself as a reader who does thick books, but somehow I found NLTL is longer than it should. Like, too much in stretching the story or something. Not sure though, maybe because I already read it before and I already knew what happened eventually, I found the story has too many fillers and uneventful scenes. That explains my 4 stars rating instead of 5 stars like I thought I’ll be giving for this novel at first.

I’m keeping this review fairly short because I’m adding the Author Interview and Giveaway below. 

For the Author Interview, each of us (bloggers who participate in this Release Day Blitz) gave one question to Kirsty then she answered it all, but we also be given the choice to choose which Q&A’s are the most preferable to be published in our blogs. So, I chose these five questions I thought most interesting for my blog’s readers (first question’s from me).
  1. What do you do if you get a writer's block? Cry, a lot. Haha no, not really. I hate writer's block and often have it, it’s so frustrating. I tend to skip to another part of the book that wants to come out of me. There are always scenes that float about in my head just waiting to be written. It’s not uncommon for me to write the beginning of a book, skip to the end, then go back and write the middle! Of course, doing it that way usually means I have to rewrite the ending because the story morphed a little along the way and doesn’t quite work! Taking walks and doing something completely different sometimes helps too.
  2. What are you reading at the moment? Doctor Sleep by Stephen King.
  3. If you could pick a theme song for NLTL what would it be? When I was about half way through NLTL The Wanted released a song called Heart Vacancy. It screamed Anna and Ashton. Love that song. That would be the theme tune.
  4. What would you say is your biggest inspiration when plotting a book? Biggest inspiration… hmm… I like a strong male lead. Most of my males have certain character traits of my husband; it’s usually the thought of creating those males that make me want to write the book!
  5. How do you react to a bad review of your books? Well, I just remind myself that the world would be a very boring place if we all liked the same things. You can’t win them all, so don’t bother trying.
Finally, here's the giveaway! There are two kinds of giveaway. First, for UK only, here:

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And International Giveaway, here:

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