Friday, October 3, 2014

Are You Ready for 'The Blood of Olympus'? I am, I am not.

So, I have mixed feelings about The Blood of Olympus. Don't get me wrong. I CANNOT WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON IT IMMEDIATELY, and the feeling intensifies minute by minute. BUT! I don't want this spectacular series to end. I want my Percy and Annabeth until my age is, like, 78 years old. While in the same time, the anticipation is killing me and I am mega-eager to know how the story will go, will end... NO!

Oh, wait. I haven't begin this post with enough sanityinformation. What am I blabbering about, you ask? Of course, about this madafaka awesome last book of The Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan, that will come out in October 7th 2014. Have you seen the covers? You probably have. Here they are.

That's the US cover, which I prefer, and this one below is the UK cover.

And this is me, naturally.

I've pre-ordered a copy from Periplus, and absolutely in pain waiting for it. My first idea was to sit still and become miserable until the blessed mailman comes delivering the book. But, I got another idea. Much better idea. As for now, I am re-reading the whole series from Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, again. You know, because I want to be at prime condition when I read this last book.

If you see that I'm like exaggerating things here, there are three possibility answers I can give to you.
  1. I don't do exaggerate. I am a passionate nerd for things I love (books, especially, duh!).
  2. You might not liking the series as much as I am, so that's okay. No hate. But, why though?
  3. YOU HAVEN'T READ THE SERIES? Pamper yourself and read it. I beg you.


  1. I feel you kak.
    Bless you for preordering it, since i stil have to wait more for the translated editio ...

    1. Aaah itu yang aku rasain juga waktu nunggu terjemahan Harry Potter yang terakhir waktu SMA :(
      Tapi sekarang udah terbiasa baca buku dalam bahasa Inggris, jadi jauh lebih enak sih memang. Ayo mulai coba baca buku bahasa Inggris x)

  2. Just finished Mark Of Athena, on my way to read House Of Hades. This cover looks not-so-great with only 3 demigods and (a lot of) Giants in it. Check out the UK cover of BoO. It looks better with the cast of 'The Prophecy Of Seven' plus Mother Earth Gaea :)

    1. I saw the UK cover, but I like this one better still. Maybe that's because I've collected the series with US covers, so I automatically just picked this one.

      I'll add the UK cover so everyone can judge by themselves ;)


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