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The Blood of Olympus - Rick Riordan (not sure if this is a review or not, but surely it contains SPOILER!)

Riordan, Rick. 2014. The Blood of Olympus. New York: Disney Hyperion.

The Blood of Olympus (The Heroes of Olympus #5)

I know it's early. I know this awesome thing just came out a couple days ago. I know you REALLY don't want to accidentally stumble in my blog and read this uncool spoiler. Oh by the way, SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! Read on your own risk.

It's not exactly a review though. It's a jumble mess of my feelings. Yo, guys, I actually wanted to review this book along with its nine books before this, but I guess I'll settle with only this one for now. I don't know. I'm kind of planning to make reviews for Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and Heroes of Olympus series separately, but... what's the point? Based on this, I review books so I don't just forget what I've read. The problem is, I read this whole series repeatedly and I remember every bits in every scenes! I've read the other nine books ninth times each, so far. So, yeah.

Dear Rick Riordan, The Myth Master, I hope this is not really the end of Percy's adventure. Please plan to make something, anything, with Percy in it. I wish you work on Percy Jackson/Kane Chronicles crossover more. You've hinted (or so I wished) that there will be another story regarding to that. Well, just so you know, I'M PRAYING FOR IT!

Before I get to say anything about the book, allow me to kiss and hug all the good people in Periplus. Seriously. How can you be so amazing?! So, I pre-ordered the book at their online store, and they promised that the book will be delivered in 2-3 days after October 7th (the day the book is published worldwide). To keep my hopes down, I settled with, "Okay, 3 days after the book comes out. That's not so bad. I will have time to reread the whole series first." What do you think my reaction would be when I got the book at October 8th in the morning?

I will talk about the book now. May I start with the two things I kind of disappointed about? First, this book is thinner than books before it! The Mark of Athena is the thickest. I tried read it as slowly as I could, but still, I finished it in less than a day. Shame on me. Remembering this is the last book, it should has, like, 10.000 pages, give or take.
It's so unfair.

The second thing is... well, like all readers in the world might feel, I don't like the fact that there is no Percy's point of view in this last book. This is the last book, Rick! Why oh why?

But, I still love this book no less. After reading it, I love all the characters equally (with Percy a millimeter ahead of them, surely). I can feel all the characters grow and mature up, and I like everything about them. You'll find point of views from Jason, Piper, Leo... Reyna and Nico. Okay, Reyna's point of view is great and I really like her now because she is undoubtedly badass! But, we can actually see Nico di Angelo's point of view!!!

Finally! Finally I can see what happened in that boy's head. Since The House of Hades, I love this kid even more. How can you not, right? I know! I totally felt his brooding sorrow mood every time I read his chapters and it saddened me he feels that way. Thankfully, it doesn't last long. Reyna and Coach Hedge are good companions for Nico, and his mood is gradually lighten through out the story and eventually he can face one of his deepest secret; his feeling toward Percy. I'm ABSOLUTELY satisfied with whatever happens with Nico in this book. His relationship with his father, Hades, is described perfectly. It's sweet and stronger. In the end, Nico finally feels happy and accepted, I think Will Solace might has a big role for that.

And, can we talk about Leo Valdez now?

All right. Breath. Breath. HIS STORY IS SO PERFECT! Breath. Breath. So, as you guys know that somebody must die according to the Great Prophecy, the question is, who? Leo Valdez is who. I'm not kidding! He died... and... sorry, no. I think you MUST read the book for yourself why I'm still happy for him. Read. The. Book.

I like Leo character, like REALLY like it, love it, ship it. He's a character I can relate to in some ways and another. I agree with him that it's easier to fake a smile when you are not in the mood for that, although let's be honest, that's not one fine quality. And his insecurity toward Percy is... cute (sorry, Valdez). You know, because they experienced the same thing with Calypso, and Leo doesn't like how Percy abandoned her. But, all is good eventually.
"Man, what is your problem?" Leo grumbled.
Percy blinked. "So... I guess we're not cool?"
"Of course we're not cool! You're as bad as Jason! I'm trying to resent you for being all perfect and hero-y and whatnot. Then you go and act like a standup guy. How am I supposed to hate you if you apologize and promise to help me and stuff?"
A smile tugged at the corner of Percy's mouth. "Sorry about that."

I need my Percy! Rick Riordan please answer my plea! Oh, right. I was talking about Leo. So yeah, I love this boy because he has a stupid sense of humor, he is determined, loyal, brave, and super-awesome (there you go, Valdez!). I imagine he will get back to Camp Half-Blood and see his friends again. Totally.

The battle scenes are also good. Strangely, I feel more intensity when our demigods fight the giants than when they fight Gaea. The battle with the giants in Athens is so spectacular because they get help from their godly parents and all the other gods. While the fight with Gaea is... rushed, I guess. And I didn't pay much attention to Gaea because of course I was focusing all my might to what will happen to Leo!

Piper and Jason. I love them now. Before, not so much. But, in this book, we know about Jason's background and his feelings more, and I can understand him. I accept his awesomeness now. And boy oh boy, Piper. She is one tough girl nobody should messes with. She is stronger and braver in this book, and of course that makes me love her. My favorite scene is when she fights the giants all by herself to save Percy and Annabeth without thinking twice that she might get killed.

But, seriously. What I love most about this book (the whole series for crying out loud!) is the development of all the characters in it. I can distinguish everybody's voices easily. They have their own characteristics, problems, goals. They are alive! In Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, we only have Percy's point of view and that is great, oh yes. In Heroes of Olympus though, we get to see another characters' point of views, and we have no choice but to care and love them all. How can Rick Riordan creates all this vivid characters? He is such an incredible writer.

By the way, what will happen to Apollo? Remember what harpy Ella says in Nico's dream? "The fall of the sun, the final verse" what is that mean? Is that has something to do with Apollo? How about the Oracle missing skill in making prophecy? How about the... the other things unanswered? Cliffhangers. No, Rickhangers.
To my wonderful readers.
Sorry about that apology for that last cliffhanger.
I'll try to avoid cliffhangers in this book.
Well, except for maybe a few small ones...
because I love you guys.
-Rick Riordan
Reading that foreword after finishing the book, I literally screamed to the page...

Can I have a tiny hope that there will be another Percy after this? Pretty please, Mr. Rick Riordan, Sir. I know there will be another series that will come out in 2015, but I'm not sure Percy will be in it.

After some surfing in the internet, I found that this is about Annabeth Chase's cousin that deals with Norse mythology. So, it will be fun! But, please please write another Percy/Kane crossover. These two are super-great, but I NEED MORE. 

----Updated, 2 hours after I posted the article above!----


Are you ready for the news? I can't believe my plea is answered this fast! What? YES! THERE WILL BE ANOTHER PERCY IN THE FUTURE! We'll see it in the sequel of this book below, that I already have and am still reading it.

The sequel is entitled Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes and it will come out next year! Whoooop!
And according to sweet fella that came to the book tour and had meet and greet with Rick Riordan (how fortunate!), the finale of Percy/Kane crossover will also come out next year AND it's in Percy's point of view!!!


  1. I FEEL THE EXACT SAME WAY! like about everything, (I read all the old books too!) i came here trying to find info about what ella said "the fall of the sun, the final verse" (i thought maybe it meant ra? like he's the sun and it could tie into the crossover, but what you said made much more sense, PS: when it said renya counldnt love a demigod was i the only one who thought Egyptian? or maybe now some norse person?) but yes i RAGED when there was no percy pov and when the book was uber short but still one of the best by far! i don't know how to feel about the up coming series though like i just want a cross over SO bad but i guess ill have to wait and see..... and thank you for writing this, glad to see im not the only one freaking out about percy Jackson ;)

    1. I feel bad I didn't think much about Reyna and the possibility of her partner. I think it could be a normal mortal, although that will be kinda weird.

      I hope this Apollo matter will get explained later in Riordan's next book. And, perhaps, what Ella said means nothing...? I doubt that very very much. Another mystery to be revealed in the future books, then!

      I'm glad you're glad reading my long messy review! Thank you *virtually pat you on the shoulders*

    2. About the fall of the sun, the final verse, I was hoping it'd be a Percy-Kane crossover because the sun could be Ra (like the person above said) and we never really find out what Setne does with the book of Thoth!! And seriously-the 2 crossovers were, like, huge hints that their might be an actual crossover book! HOW COOL WOULD THAT BEEEEE! And they also pretty much confirm that the crossovers happened because of Setne trying to combine Greek & Egyptian magic to get Ptolemy's crown...any thoughts anyone? Or am I just being overlyexcited and looking too much into things..?

      Nice review!!!
      And thaaaaaaank you for telling me about the sequel to Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods!!!

  2. Nice review! :) I agree with you on quite a few things especially Nico's POV, I loved the way he came out to Percy, it was brilliant!!!

    But I felt a bit underwhelmed with the ending *spoilery* ... We've been building up to the finale for 5 books but Gaia is defeated before she even does anything which I found bizarre, especially considering she's caused more mischief and damage while asleep. Some more of my thoughts are in my review if you would be so kind to have a look at. :)

    1. I've checked your review. Come on, yours is far more better and comprehensive than mine. You put a lot of thought in yours while mine is basically like a screaming fangirl. Lol.

  3. I think the Fall of the sun meant in the Sepernts Shadow where Apophis swallowed Ra

  4. yup ini adalah buku dimana awal ketertarikan sy dan penasaran hal2 yang berbau myth terutama greek myth, nice review.
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